A loyalty program that's easy, affordable

Loyalty programs are so hot today because they're great investments.

It's well known that 80% of profits come from 20% of customers. Those 20% spend some 20% to 25% more than do regular customers!

Rewarding your customers with Members-only offers and discounts makes them feel special and appreciated.  And eager to come back. And buy more.


  • One of the easiest loyalty programs around. Your program can be up and running in a matter of days
  • You invite customers to sign up via beautiful, customized, printed  and online sign-up forms. We do the rest.
  • Build your customer base, attracting new customers with appealing "Welcome" offers
  • Keep your business top-of-mind throughout the year
  • Give customers incentives to return to your place of business,  bring their friends, and increase the amount they spend
  • We can help you control the cost of discounts and promotions.
  • Track who uses Members-only coupons, discounts, and other rewards.


  • Attractive, customized, printed sign-up forms for you to display and hand out, plus postage-paid envelopes you can use to send new sign-up forms to us
  • An online sign-up form customized to match the look of your Web site, plus HTML code for your Webmaster to place attractive banners on every page of your Web site, inviting customers to join your Valued Customer Club
  • Creation and sending of customized e-mail offers to:

          --Say, "Welcome" and "Thanks" to customers who sign up, with a beautiful and personalized message
          --Wish them "Happy Birthday," and
          --Wish them "Happy Anniversary"

  • Turnkey solution: When customers sign up, their information comes to us. We input all customer details into a database that we organize and maintain. We create, schedule, and send out all of your Valued Customer Club e-mails, throughout the year
  • If you wish to send more e-mails, we can create them for you at a nominal cost, any time you want.