A small sample of publications we've created over the past 20+ years.


Audiences we've addressed

We understand today's business challenges. And the challenges facing today's customers.

People don't want sales pitches. They want help and guidance. We make sure they get it.

By spending the time to learn about our clients--and their customers--we provide interesting and useful content that fully engages their prospective and existing customers.  We've helped dozens of global companies and small businesses achieve their marketing goals.

JBA Media Group has had 25+ years of publishing and marketing success. We have produced compelling, easy-to-understand, and valuable information programs for millions of readers and site visitors.

On behalf of our many and diverse clients, we've helped their customers succeed in their roles as:

  • Moms and dads
  • Sons and daughters
  • Value-seeking consumers
  • Business owners
  • Physicians and other types of health professionals
  • Discerning customers
  • Corporate executives
  • Employees and job seekers
  • Hosts and hostesses
  • Health-conscious patients

We can help you achieve your marketing goals. And we can help you build your business.

Ask us to show you how.

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